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Kitchen Corner April 2018

News Item

April doet wat hij wil. (April does what he wants)That is a Dutch saying.

We can expect stormy weather this month. 


Lucky the Festival is now behind us. We survived the rain and wind.

Sorry for the kids’ ride, that was the only thing without a cover. We are already working on a plan for next year. We are also open for new ideas.

For now it is on with the usual program. Midweek luncheons, Shri Lanka nights and Christmas in July with Shelvis. For the last two mentioned the rule goes; not pre-paid means no ticket.

One of our members gave me her not used books of Christmas stamps. She mentioned that a lot of her Christmas contacts were no more and she does buy new stamps every year. What a great gift. Through this way I am asking all members; if you have non used postage stamps somewhere in your draw, why not gift them to the club. We use them for mailing the magazine. The cost now is $12. Per year per book, not including the printing. So, every dollar helps.                       See you all in the kitchen           Mia


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