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Presidents Report April 2018

News Item

Festival 2018.

  You cannot always break records and this time we certainly did not break   any records, as our visiting numbers were well down on last year, our biggest year, but what this festival has undoubtable proved is that our club cannot exist anymore without the income of the festival.                                                  Before we even started too many things went wrong, while we were setting up the air-conditioning in the choir room broke down, at the same time our lawn mower gave up and then the cash register with the scanner in the shop did not want to work anymore.                                                                                 Than on Saturday all toilets were blocked, as we had once before, and again this time it was some foreign objects that somebody had put in. It took quite a while to get a plumber out on the weekend and more importantly this is not cheap. To get all these problems fixed we are looking at a minimum of $ 5,000. which we would not be able to pay for if we did not have the income of the festival.                                                                                                    Thanks to a group of very dedicated volunteers we have been able to pull it off again, but as I said last year, we could do with a few more volunteers, which by the way did not happen, I dare say now, if we cannot get some more volunteers it will not happen, it is getting to much for quite a few of us.    The only way we can continue is, if all of our members start looking and talking to the younger generation to give us a hand once a year on the last weekend in March.

May I take this opportunity to thank all volunteers that have been able to help us out in any way at all, before during and after, your contribution is of immense value to us and we cannot do this anymore without you.

THANK YOU         J. Joosten. Pres.

                     Sunday 8 April; at 12 noon.                                                          Thank you - Festival - Volunteers get-together                                                                                         For catering purpose; please confirm your attendance not later than Friday April 6                                         


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