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Kitchen Corner September 2019

News Item

This month there will be the second Garage Sale and Wolfgang has promised to smoke some trout again. The last lot was delicious!!!
They were sold out before they were smoked and I ask again; Please order your smoked trout (last day to order is September 24), so he will have an idea of how many to buy.
The shop is still going strong. We keep the shelfs fully stocked as long as possible.
The Sinterklaas goodies will hopefully arrive in time for everyone to celebrate this special happening.
I know some of our members will have a traditional day including the ‘knock on the door’ and searching for presents.
This time of the year the memories of the old fashion celebration come back. First the shoe in front of the heater. (The heaters are disappearing.) And if you been good there was always some sweet or biscuit in your shoe. Never mind the germs. Lol
Than on the 5th of December the biggest table was laid out with pepernoten, taai taai and lollies, oranges and a chocolate letter. No presents, because in our home that would happen with Christmas. And if I say presents,,,,  we were lucky to get ONE present. And very happy with whatever we got.
This years’ Sinterklaas party @ the club will be a big one but, I know who will enjoy this more than the little children…… The grandparents! It does bring back that great feeling when they see their grandchildren happy. Knowing that Sinterklaas brings generations together. Even though the little ones have no idea of what it was half a century and longer ago, they   know that Oma & Opa are here to celebrate with them.                               
                      Because everybody loves Sinterklaas
See you at your club.        Mia
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