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Presidents Report April 2017

News Item

Festival March 2017.                                                               

What can we say?                                                                              

How much better can it get?                                                           

First of all the week before, setting up in the rain, then a storm on Wednesday and one on Thursday.                        

How lucky have we been the whole weekend perfect weather? Lots of people have told me that they prayed for good weather and it worked.                                                    

Early indications are telling us that again we might have broken some records and that in part would be due to some improvements we made, not in the least the marquee that we put up in the driveway.                                                 

But most of the success has to be due to all our hard working volunteers, members and non-members alike.  We, the old guard, could not have done it without the influx of a lot of new and younger volunteers to help us make this the success it was.                                                       

Without going into detail, everyone that has contributed in any way before, during or after, you really deserve a medal.                                                                                      

All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU. It will keep our club going for another 12 month and I hope you enjoyed it so much that you want to do it again next year. I was told by somebody that is very much involved with the Multicultural Community in the Nepean area that the success of our festival was thanks to the friendly big group of volunteers and I agree.

We are very proud of that fact. I hope to see all the volunteers on the thank you lunch on the 9th of April.                                                                   J.J. president.

Kitchen Corner April 2017

News Item

The Garage Sale last month was, although very wet, still a great success. Thank you to everyone that came to help. The camaraderie was great. You can all be proud of our club and the volunteers. For every person that donated goods to sell, I can say that all items have found a home. Some went home to the Vinnies and will move one from there. Some have gone to other homes, like the mother and baby refuges. Nothing was wasted.                              

Now the Festival is behind us again, we have to come up with new ideas to keep the club going through the year.                                                                                           

We could have a Braderie. That is not a garage sale but you can still buy all sorts of goodies. It also includes music drinks and lots of food. It’s like a day out at your favourite club. Definitely something to think about. It can be held inside the club, rain, hail or shine.                                        

When you think of all the visitors at the festival it would be great to offer them one more occasion to eat their favorite Dutch food and purchase a supply of sweets etc. Like the young man who brought half a kilo of tongue-worst. He was over the moon with it. I am sure that he will be back. The supply of rookworst went down fast as well. This is also an item you can’t buy at every butcher. And what about the herring? They went flying! The smoked trout was completely sold out and the last trout was almost divided in two to please the customers.                                                

So, let’s think about an event to please members and non-members                                                                            

See you al at the kitchen counter.  Mia J


Klaverjas news April 2017

News Item


Do you know that….

Every Friday

Klaverjas players start their game at 7.30pm

Some have a light meal before they start the game

Some just have coffee or tea.

One lady always enjoys a glass of red.

Sometimes they just love the game so much they play an extra game.

At the end of every month every game-table can win a ‘speculaasje’.

It is not like winning the lottery but it is good fun because it means you scored the highest.

Do you know how to play klaverjas and are looking for 3 more players? Join the club.



Happy Birthday April 2017

News Item

Gerda Aalbrecht; Leonardus Altman;

Sharon Aspinal; Kelly Bailey; Ina van Dam;

Denise Bailey; Anita Bakkers; Charlie Ballas;

Leny Battishall; Annie Bloemendal; Gerard Petra;

Herman Brookhouse; Thornton Brown;

John de Lange; Peter de Vries; James Giddens;

Malcolm Gribble; Henk Haak; Jos Haarsma;

Joshua Ikin; Thea Knubben; Wolfgang Kohnertz;

Els Kommer; Gerard Kuilder; Phillip Wall;

Martijn Lambrechts; Albert Lambregts;

Lowie Lemmerman; Alphons Lette; Ray Oonk;

Bruce O’Brien;Jo-ann Mathyi; Gordon Milner;

Marcel Paquay; Janette Pincott; Tineke Price;

Steven Ripley; Theresa Roebuck; Henny Spee;

Bernard & Gai Schoemaker; Gonnie Terpstra;

Steven Tienstra; Clemens Eijkman;

Wilma van der Waarden; Tonny van Gaalen;

Jacqueline Windle;

Waar zijn wij?

News Item

Rembrandt Dutch Club is in St Marys

87 Dunheved Circuit

Het is een industrie park, dus als je denkt dat je verdwaald bent dan ben je bijna daar.

Presidents Report March 2017

News Item

Time is flying. This month is so short it has gone before it really started. Or is it me? I want to do so much, but sometimes it feels as if I done nothing even after I thought I was busy.                                        Anyway, next Saturday the 4th of March is our monster garage sale and we have miles of good items even after we sold already quite a lot of items now. And then we start concentrating on our festival. Everything is coming along fine, except we can do with some more volunteers, so that the people that are working before, during and after the event can get a much needed break. So please, see what you can do, maybe talk to your family and friends. A few hours of their time makes all the difference. If you are interested; See you at the volunteer’s day on Sunday the 12th of March or put your name on the list in the club.  J. J.

Kitchen Corner March 2017

News Item

This week we had a Council inspection. No warning at all. But we did not need a warning.                                 The kitchen is always as clean as it can be and there are no broken or cracked items to be found. The only thing missing was the meat thermometer. I wanted to grab it but it was not there. Later I found out that when the ‘boys’ tried out the converted poffertjes plate it somehow stayed a bit too long on the plate and melted. Oepps!                                                                                                                                                   I personally am very proud of all the ladies (and men) who help out in the kitchen and stick to the rules.      THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. YOU ARE ALL PART OF THIS.                                                                            The end of this week we have the garage sale which is always a busy but enjoyable day. There are lots of donations that will help with the much needed income.                                                                          Next week it will get seriously close to the festival. In my mind I am already cooking and working out how much food we can prepare and store for the big weekend.                                                                   Thanks to some volunteers my job gets a bit lighter. If everyone does what they do best it will all work out. Now there is only one more thing to say;                                                                                                 SEE YOU ALL AT THE FESTIVAL.          Mia

Happy Birthday March 2017

News Item

Apinya Bednar; Paulus Breedveld; Anna Beugeling; Bob Griffiths; Wietske Bruisma; Yvonne Butfield; Mia Lee; Connie Chabailuk; Gerard Daley; Nel de Bruyn; Nancy Farlow; Kees van der Voort;Jan Giles; Gil Kommer; Bernardus Kruize; Jannie Kuilder; Peter Mathyi; Theo Langenberg; Johanna Louwen; Gloria Short; Bep Maasland; Angela Maganic;; Bernadine Mathyi; Frank Pellaers; Hedi Roggeveen; Marlene Turnbull; Peter Morsink; Theo & Nellie Schaaf; Ray Skarsky; Robin Steele; Cornelia Sondemeyer; Petronella van Os; Angela Thorpe; Riet Koppelhouber; Stuart Brown; Ans van der Jagt; Sharon Klinkenberg; Gemma Verbeek; Alek van der Heg;

Klaverjas & Scrabble news March 2017 2017

News Item

This months’ speculaas winners are

Atty Kommer      5400        3 marsen
Ingrid Kacir        4856        1 marsen
Annie Van De Mortel  4964        1 marsen
Loui Weber        5006        1 marsen

           Also congratulations to
Nelly Van Der Voort     2nd place
And Riet Mabelis     3rd place
At Woonona 19 February
                    Dave Stenstra

Calendar 2017

News Item

Event in 2017


Sunday 15 January
Dutch day at our club.
Members and their families welcome.
Open at 11am for coffee and lunch

1pm A Dirk de Hartog
by Katja Jeffreys

Afterwards Dutch Dancing for anyone that would like to learn Dutch Folkloric dancing.

Everone else enjoy watching the dances
Get ready to dance at The St Marys Dutch Festival

If you’d like it, we lend you a Dutch outfit during the Festival.


St Marys Dutch Festival 2017
Last full WEEKEND in March (24-25-26)  Friday March 24 SENIOR DAY FLOORSHOW DURING THE DAY.

Bring your senior friends


22 April Music and dinner night with

Sheryl Scharkie as ShElvis,

Stuey V as Elvis (does gr

Mike Tsama as JOK/Buddy Holly.

Tickets $40. Per person. Order from the club




The big event of 2017
MCAA FESTIVAL – 13th to 15th October 2017
    Event Location
Wollongong Sports and Entertainment Centre


Wednesday May 10 MID-WEEK-LUNCH

Coffee is ready at 11am

Lunch at 12.30

Book your seat at the club

See Gerda, Leny or Mia


Sunday May 28 Psychic Day. Free entry

Learning about Psychic power

Having your palm read

What’s in the cards for you????

Book a seat at the club 96232569



More midweek lunches in  October and December

You don't have to be a senior to enjoy the lunch.

Children are welcome too, under supervision of an adult.



Klaverjas competition Sunday September 11 and November 13

During these competition days the shop is also open to the public.



Sinterklaas party for the young ones. Please see the Sinterklaas page.

There is no age limit for persons attending this event, however, only children that are registered can enter the premises for this event.


Join our group of volunteers.

We can do it, but only, if we do it all together.


- For any event. Always book early. Or be disappointed.

For bookings please call 96232569 and speak to Leny Gerda or Mia.

Any changes to dates and/or entry fees are entirely up to the committee.Information for members and their guest


Presidents Report January 2017

News Item

We wish you and your loved ones a            
HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR.                    
May this year bring all the good things you are hoping to achieve?  As a club we officially open up on Friday the 13th of January and then on Sunday the 15th we have a very special presentation about the fact that it is now 400 years ago that Dirk de Hartog landed in Australia.                                                                                                           

In the meantime we have been busy in the club, from the day after Boxing Day, with cleaning and painting. It has taken two days just to get the carpet professional cleaned and everything looks new and fresh again.                     

They used to call it spring cleaning, but we have done it in the middle of summer so that we can take our holidays later in the year when we will be visiting our family in Holland.                                                                                      

Hope to see you all on the 15th. Don’t forget to book your seat.                 
It’s free for a change.                                                                                  

Notice board January 2017

News Item

Just before the end of 2016 one of our foundation members passed away. Willy Grabijn. May you rest in peace.

Our thoughts go out to husband Jan and his family

Kitchen Corner January 2017

News Item

From Sinterklaas’ desk                       
Thank you to everyone that volunteered for the day. Without you there would be no Sinterklaas, Zwarte Piet, flying darts, music, poffertjes, popcorn, sausage rolls, kitchen and bar, lollies, presents and the beautiful decorated present bags, photos to remember this day, and last but not least, the smooth running of a perfect day. The Rembrandt Club team had everyone smiling again. Thank You all.

Emails, Hi Mia. I wanted to thank you again (not just at the shop window) for your efforts in making Sinterklaas 2016 such a wonderful event for all the kindjes (not just my own). They had a lot of fun, and I think even some of the adults did too. I know that there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes.     So, veel bedankt Mia.  Groetjes  Iain

Hi Mia      Thank you for organising a fabulous Sinterklaas day
Thoroughly enjoyed by Luc & Remy, Mum, Dad & Oma & Opa
Great fun and lovely people at the Club.           Cheers  Sindy

Mia en Jan wij wensen jullie en al onze vrienden in de Rembrandt club een goed en gelukkig 2017 Milka en Gerard

Happy Birthday January 2017

News Item

Luuk Aalbrechts; Adrian Alsop; Gerard Bakkers;
Marita Ballas; John Bednar; Pablo Blanco;         
Ria Brown; Albino Cortellazzi; Veronica Daley;
Patricia Risse; Nicole Duffy; Cornelia Geldhof;
Sam Greenberg; Diana Holla; Wilhelmina Iping;
Jeno Kajan; Clara Kempers; Nellie Knight;
Gary Little; Ante Maganic; Edna Manalo;
Willem Muller; Greame Noske; Helen Paquay;
Allan Potter; Jo-Ann Rasker; Patricia Risse;
Connie Snellen; Gerda Zirkzee; Shaun Tomiollo;
Ria van Wijk; Marcus van Gelderen; Darrel You;
Dee Vleeskens; John van Oosterum; Brian Wells;
Henry van Zanden; Joyce Weeks; Alex Ziegelaar;

Klaverjas & Scrabble news January 2017

News Item

Klaverjas News                         
See you all back on Friday January 13
Our 2017 competition dates are
May 14
July 9
September 10
November 12    We hope you enjoyed the break

Scrabble players
The game starts at 11am    on Friday the 13th    
Friday January 13


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